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A Woman Prophet

Something came to my mind the other day and confused me. It may offend some of you, and some will wonder just like me! And before we tip anyone off, I would like to clarify that I am not questioning God’s power or will; this is merely a reflection of my personal thoughts. I sometimes wonder, what if a woman was chosen to be a prophet at some point throughout history? Like a real prophet with a message and a holy book?

What could have happened? I have asked people on both personal and professional levels. Some shut me up and asked me not to interfere in God’s work! Some told me it is the nature of women that made God Not to choose a woman to be a prophet!

I do not doubt God’s business (ok, maybe a little bit). I am just wondering what could have happened, what might have changed, and how people would have viewed women if they had a woman religious leader? I do not believe women's nature is the one to blame. There have been women leaders over the years. World history is full of influential women leaders, so the fact that we accuse women’s nature is not necessarily true. God could have chosen a competent one to make her a prophet.

Furthermore, if we look at all the prophets who came with messages to the world, they all came with extra ordinary personalities, more tolerance than normal people, more substantial self-esteem and anger management or patience, and so many other different characteristics!

What does that tell me? Those chosen to be prophets or messengers are given unique personalities and a different state of mind than ordinary people, so God could have created a women with special charisma to fulfill the prophecy position! That would also deny that women's nature did not allow the idea of a woman becoming a prophet.

So, how different would the world be? How would some men treat women because a man had a woman prophet to follow one day? Would women get more respect then? Would women have more opportunities, and would people have more faith in their capabilities? I am not afraid to share this with my men and women friends.

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