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Meet Ferra Alas.

    I had never dreamed of being a writer, but I have always been a storyteller at heart. The idea of publishing my memoir came to life when the long survival journey and pursuit of freedom spiked my desire to tell the world a story most media channels failed to reveal.

    Laying on the blue carpet of my two-bedroom apartment in a small town in North East Pennsylvania, I realized that the journey to be free had just started, and the way towards recovery was going to come with obstacles. Exotic Wings is the beginning of a series that will shed light on war, tradition, and immigration, hoping to give my readers a new perspective on the chaotic world we live in.


    Ferra Alas, a native of Baghdad, Iraq, was raised in a conservative family that valued education and high morals. Through her life struggles in a traditional society, living through economic sanctions, war, and frequent relocation, she discovered a way to survive. She now lives in the United States, where she found a place to call home.

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